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Million of streaming links (.m3u8) are available online. Some of them are working and some not. So it is better to let the users to organize them. This is possible with After, using the app “TVS player” is possible to watch the organized links and also to cast to Chromecast.

TVS_player is an android APP developed by IPTV-updated to show and organize streaming addresses found on internet. With this APP the user can also create and organize local list with additional personal links.

you can download TVS_player from google play:

(free version)

limitation: ads, reduced size video, removed chromecast button

With TVS_player you can:

    • Play streaming channel with an fast and robust android application
    • Interact with the channels organized in the account
    • Easy organization of a local playlist
  • Cast the local playlist channels with chromecast

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  1. Gra NarGra Nar

    I will be happy to have this app. When this will be available?

    1. IPTV adminIPTV admin (Post author)

      Thanks Mr Gra, the APP is finally available. you can find the link in the post. Also the free version is available

  2. StefanStefan

    Trying to stream,1565114402/ls-54548-2/index.m3u8 to Chromecast. But it seems not to work.

    1. IPTV adminIPTV admin (Post author)

      Hello Stefan, you are right, this link is not providing any streaming.


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