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Million of radio streaming links are available online. Some of them are working and some are not, therefore a good idea is to give to users a possibility to organize them.

This is possible with  After, using the app RS_player, is possible to listen the organized links and to cast to Chromecast and Raspberry PI as well.

You can download the player form google play:

With RS_player you can:

  • Play audio streaming channel with an fast and robust android application
  • Interact with the channels created/added in account
  • Easy organization of favorites radios
  • Cast the radios channels to Chromecast
  • Cast the radios to Raspberry PI
    (* The setup of Raspberry Pi is described here)

APP first usage

RS_player is organized in three tabs:

  1. Favorites
  2. Radios Channels organized by Countries
  3. Account login register page

You need to create an account in You can do the registration at this address:

how to register in

Create a new radio

After login, you can start to create new radio:

  1. directly from the radio  Country in clicking the button “Add a new channel”
  2. from the RS_player APP using the button “+” in “Radios” tab
add a channel manually in the

Add a new link to a channel

After the creation of the radio, an associated links can be added :

  1. directly from the channel pages in
  2. from the RS_player using the button  Play in “Radios” tab
add a link in a radio channel created manually in

Add new radio from Search Engine

After login, you can add a new channel or add it from the search engine

  1. directly from the radio Country in with the button “global”
  2. from  RS_player APP using the button with “magnific grass” in “Radios” tab
  3. The content of the channels added from the search engine cannot be modified
search shared radios in


A lot of streaming radios are available online, however you don’t have a good way to understand if these are working or not.

RS_player is a very good player to listen and organize online radios links from all around the world.

You can add manually the radios or search them from an internal search engine. You can easily listen the radios from your Android phone/tablet and cast to Chromecast and Raspberry PI.

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