how to stream m3u8 links on chromecast

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A nice and easy way to stream .m3u8 links on Chromecast using an android phone/tablet with the TVS_player APP.

You can find here the detailed user guide of how to add the channels in TVS_player.

You need to have a free account on After, for each country group, you can add manually the channels (with working .m3u8 links) OR search the Channel from the internal search engine.

You need to organize the channels only once. After you can access to the same configuration from all yours Android mobile devices using the TVS_player App.

All the channels organized in can be watched with the TVS-player APP. They can also be sent to chromecast if the chromecast communication is before initialized.

To initialize the chromecast communication you need to push the chromecast icon located on top right of the app.

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  1. Jobaer Shuman

    I can’t cast my added channels to Chromecast (Version 1). But I can cast any public channels. I also tried to flag “Public” my added channels, still no luck. Just stuck on black screen on the TV.
    Please help!

    1. IPTV admin (Post author)

      Thanks Jobaer,

      the link that you are trying to add, seems not to be a working link.
      Please try to add other links. To be sure that the link is working you can test it in ‘vlc’ or load in a compatible browser.
      I can suggest to take the .m3u8 files from ‘kodi’. To do this you have to enable the log and after read the log file created.

      Best Regards


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